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As Sheriff I will NOT support the Illegal Alien Invasion Rebellion against our Constitutional Federal Immigration Laws.

#1 The State Legislature; supported by the Governor and A.G. are in REBELLION against the Federal Govt. as is everyone that complies with their law SB54; Sanctuary State. For the State of CA to pass a law to arrest and imprison citizens, elected County Sheriffs, and Law Enforcement Officers for upholding our Constitutional Federal Immigration law is open rebellion to our U.S. Govt. 

Expect Great Changes

Bruce Boyer for Ventura County Sheriff; Campaign statement.                           

Jan 11th 2018

As Sheriff I will uphold my oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution. This is the duty of an elected sheriff. This duty of a sheriff has been ignored by sheriffs and police officers as they operate based upon political agendas. I chose to become a member of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association to make a public stand for what is right and to work to I will be a Constitutional Sheriff. I will restore liberty and justice for all. I am not a career police officer. I am qualified in that I have a background and experience that give me the managerial and leadership skills, of far greater importance is that I am a Patriot who will do what is right. Sadly, I am the only Patriot running for Sheriff. The voters have a clear choice. I am the choice for liberty and justice for all.

I have outlined below the primary identified issues that I will focus on correcting that are in direct contrast to the current regime. I will focus on liberty and justice while upholding the law to protect citizens from those who would do us harm. I will end the abuses and violations of our rights as outlined below.

#1 The State Legislature; supported by the Governor and A.G. are in REBELLION against the Federal Govt. as is everyone that complies with their law SB54; Sanctuary State. For the State of CA to pass a law to arrest and imprison citizens, elected County Sheriffs, and Law Enforcement Officers for upholding our Constitutional Federal Immigration law is open rebellion to our U.S. Govt.

As Sheriff I will NOT support the Illegal Alien Invasion Rebellion against our Constitutional Federal Immigration Laws. I will vigorously fight those who are in rebellion. This is no different than what the Confederates pulled in 1860/61. My great-grandfather fought those rebels and I will fight these. Anyone who assists Illegal aliens is violating Federal law. 

The current Sheriff and his Dept. made a show of ‘lobbying’ but it’s all B.S. They fully support the rebellion and give sanctuary to these foreign invaders as they comply with the Rebellion of SB54. It is time for a show down. The people of Ventura County will be given a clear choice: Support the corrupt regime in it’s rebellion against our Constitutional authority or support the Patriot who will uphold our Constitutional laws and turn ALL Illegal aliens over to the Federal authorities. As to whether current immigration law should be changed, that is the responsibility of Congress, not the State of CA or a County Sheriff.

If CA AG Becerra wants to call on the CHP to come and arrest me; well then we will have a showdown in Ventura County. I will call for Federal Marshalls to protect me as we enforce Federal law. Wanna bet who will win that showdown? Bet on this cowboy. Or you can vote for more of the same; support the Rebellion, and pay a whole lot more taxes!

#2. As Sheriff I will bring and end to the perverse pay and benefits. A Sheriff’s Dept. Sgt. makes $300K plus. Compare that to a Sgt. in the U.S. Army, deployed in a Combat Zone earns $50K. The Sheriff’s Dept. is currently costing the taxpayers nearly $500 million per year; spending nearly 80% of our tax money on salaries and benefits! That works out to $1,000 per actual taxpayer (that is on top of the cost of the local PDs in Camarillo, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Santa Paula, Simi Valley and Ventura that cover 80% of the pop. of the County). The unfunded pension debt adds an estimated additional $250 million each year! As Sheriff; I will bring a chainsaw and cut the expenses of the Dept by 75%. If the budget is not cut by this amount expect that the corrupt pols will use this to push an end to our Prop 13 protections as they raise our property and every other tax.  

As to the salary of the Sheriff himself; I will save the taxpayer the $448K a year in that position alone as I will gladly serve for whatever amount the voters wish to pay me, even if it’s $1 per year (that is also so that no one can complain when their pay is cut or claim to not be getting their money’s worth from me!). The current Sheriff has announced his retirement so he can relax and continue to receive his salary and other compensation for decades to come, I wish him a long life but as a taxpayer the thought of paying out millions for his pension disgusts me.

You have the choice. You can vote for more of the same, pay the taxes and prepare to pay a whole lot more!

#3. As Sheriff I will NOT continue to ‘fight’ the fifty years and counting unwinnable ‘drug war” against our own people. Our people are the casualties; our liberties are lost. There is as much “illegal” drug use now as there would be if otherwise; and we the taxpayers are footing the bill! An estimated 80% of the “crime”, and “Criminal Justice” cost is spent waging this “unwinnable drug war”. We the taxpayers are paying out the money to hire the mercenaries to fight it. It is well argued that the ‘Criminal Justice system’ does not want to ever actually even ‘win’ the drug war because if they did, they would be out of their jobs! Waging a drug war all but guarantees a corrupted Sheriff’s Dept. It is foolish to think that with the  enormous amounts of cash involved to not expect that it would corrupt our law enforcement, it has. The integrity of our law enforcement officers is more important than locking up people who want to get high. Yes, it’s ‘illegal’ under Federal Law.  That illegality is unconstitutional. It is neither Constitutional nor credible to suggest that it could be illegal to possess a plant, that naturally grows out of the soil! As Sheriff I cannot prevent the enforcement of these laws by Federal or State Authorities, but that does not mean that as Sheriff that I will use our tax money to pay our deputies to assist them.

#4 As Sheriff I will NOT will enforce unconstitutional laws on the citizens. We are awash in arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating citizens for laws that have no victims and that violate our rights. Our Bill of Rights is our rights. Crimes without victims cannot be crimes as no one was harmed. If anyone wishes to suggest that our rights are not violated with great regularity; I will supply a detailed review, likely that those in denial will continue.

#5. As Sheriff I will NOT enforce unequal laws. Our CA and Federal Constitutions guarantee all citizens equal protection and equal rights. If the law states that exempt ‘Law Enforcement Officers” or any other category is exempt, then everyone is exempt.

#6. As Sheriff  I will NOT violate our CA Constitution’s enshrined right to privacy. The Sheriff’s Dept. does this on a multifaceted and constant basis. The interception of cell phone calls from entire areas; cell phone call records;  Automated Vehicle License Plate scans; and more all create data bases that allow unscrupulous people/officers to extort and spy on others, political opponents of their regime, citizens of every stripe and especially those to whom they are supposedly accountable and who vote on their pay and pensions. If anyone thinks otherwise; I will attempt to show them. Those in denial will regardless of the facts.

#7. As Sheriff I will pursue criminals who traffic in the body parts of unborn babies.

#8. The Sheriffs Dept. currently incarcerates citizens in debtors prisons: It throws citizens in jail for “crimes” that are administrative creations, interpretations and are victimless. All with the full cooperation of  the Courts; it denies those accused of a crime their right to ‘reasonable bail’, discovery, attorney representation (they charge regular folks with misdemeanor crimes so that they have the choice of hiring a private attorney for $50K, or taking the plea deal to pay a fine and be on probation.) a speedy trial> They sit in jail until they take a plea deal. Other imprisoned debtors are those who lack the means to pay the highest traffic fines in the Country,  non-criminal acts, where the accused are denied their rights and the State adds on 300% in penalties; A failure to use a turn signal citation is over $800 dollars! ‘General intent crimes”; ‘Strict liability crimes”; “Constructive possession” crimes; Civil Court orders where the citizen is denied due-process. Warrants with anonymous or secret witnesses; As Sheriff these practices will end. I will not perpetrate or facilitate these abuses in any way. If anyone thinks that a citizen’s rights are in effect as a practical function, may I suggest that you open your eyes. I am willing to show them.

#9. As Sheriff I will NOT allow the Dept. to operate in secrecy. There will be full and total accountability and transparency. Civilian review panels will be created to make sure that is accomplished.  I will find the way to accomplish this. Everything will be open and transparent. The current regime declares that everything is ‘protected’ and ‘confidential”. It is operates in a self-created tent of legality” without any transparency or accountability. No one is accountable and every alleged wrongdoing is ‘exonerated”. One example; Civil Asset Forfeiture (CAF) is a process where the Sheriff’s Dept. can seize property from citizens,  and without any criminal conviction, keep it. This typically includes vehicles and cash. Nationwide in 2017 these CAFs exceeded 5.4 billion dollars taken from citizens by ‘Law Enforcement” without any criminal conviction. That is a greater value than all burglaries nationwide. The VCSD refuses to disclose any information as to these CAF “takings”.

Another example; The current regime has been more than willing to blatantly use our officers and deputies to physically silence political opposition. For those who think otherwise; I will attempt to enlighten you with facts and of course evidence. Legal action will be forthcoming.

#10 As Sheriff I will NOT use ‘traffic enforcement’ as ‘revenue generation’. It is very little about “safety” but all about  maximum ‘revenue generation’. Traffic citations will be subject to a Citizen review panel and will have to meet a criteria of a clear and present hazard. The Courts will afford the citizen all the rights of a criminal defendant. The Deputies will not support the Court in pursuit of traffic citations from other Depts that are for revenue generation or that deny the Citizen his rights. 

#11. Our 2nd Amendment is our Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms; Citizen’s  Rights will NOT be infringed upon. The thousands of unconstitutional laws that do so will not be enforced and any enforcement of them by others in Ventura County will not be facilitated. For those who have Concealed Carry Permits; they will stay in effect regardless of who the person supports for Sheriff (in contrast with the current regime who takes them for a known or perceived lack of political support). All Citizens who wish CCW permits will be issued them on an immediate no charge basis as this is your right.

 #12. I will end the monopoly of employee Law Enforcement Officers. I will create a Volunteer Citizens Deputy Force. Citizens who wish to serve will be deputized as full Law Enforcement Officers. These volunteer Citizen Deputies will make our County safer at a minimal cost to the taxpayer. People with physical limitations or disabilities will be welcomed. If the employee deputies think to strike or we have a disaster; these Citizen Deputies will be of immense value to us.

Donations Are Welcome

You are welcome to mail  them to my office in San Fernando

321 No. Maclay Ave #D
San Fernando CA 91340

Donation disclaimer:

Many citizens have expressed very valid concerns that to donate on the record or make their support for me public could cause them harm and put them at risk from the politicians in the Sheriff’s Dept. and their local cities. These are VERY valid concerns. For many citizens their concern that they would be ‘cut-off’; their careers  sidelined or ruined. Subject to targeted harassment, arrest and prosecution, especially if I do not win; is a risk they cannot afford to take.  I am well aware that Citizens who were issued CCW permits from the current Sheriff have had them revoked for political reasons. To protect all citizens Right to privacy as our State Constitution recognizes; I will not file any campaign finance disclosures. I welcome supporters who request anonymity. Our voting is in secret and we have the right to support publicly or in secret.

The “Criminal Justice System” has become about making everything ‘criminal’ and a part of ‘The System’, precious little about ‘justice’. The actual workings and expenses of the Dept. are kept from the public. The only ‘transparency’ or ‘accountability’ is what little the sheriff chooses to put out claiming that it is. Most is kept hidden under the pretexts of ‘confidential  or privileged information’. Beyond that they won’t let you see it unless you ask, for something that you do not know exists. As Sheriff, the Dept. will have complete and total transparency and accountability. It will have civilian review and over-site of all aspects of the Dept. If it is kept in the dark and secret. it is probably wrong, bring it out into the light. This will make many people embedded in The System extremely uncomfortable. They will be free to leave. That they do leave will be a sure sign that it was the right course to take.

I am running for Sheriff to make the Sheriff’s Dept. a system of true Justice. It will be.

In Liberty,

 Bruce Boyer, candidate for Ventura County Sheriff


 Press release Bruce Boyer for Ventura County Sheriff:

As to the Borderline shooting of Nov 7th, 2018

Dec 3rd, 2018 The TRUTH is starting to come out, and it is far uglier than we could imagine. On Nov 7th, when the shooter entered the Borderline Bar & Grill and started shooting, there were armed police officers INSIDE. What did these police officers do? It is officially stated that ‘they fired no shots”, it is apparent, and largely substantiated, that they ALL ran!

How does Bruce Boyer know this? On Nov 13th at the Oxnard City Council meeting; (video starting at 29:50) Oxnard PD Chief Whitney states twice, that there were TWO on-duty Oxnard PD officers inside the Borderline when the shooting started; Chief Whitney stated that the officers ‘heroically helped people to escape”…  Absent the details that Whitney has, and refuses to divulge, the conclusion is that they ran. At the Nov 27th Council meeting; Whitney  ‘defended’ the actions of the officers after Oxnard resident and Citizen Journal publisher George Miller publicly chastised the City Council as to the ‘actions’ of the officers. Likely the officers were undercover, but why were they even in the City of Thousand Oaks?  Those armed officers of course could and should have used their weapons to take out the shooter. NOT run and ‘help people escape the building”. They are issued guns for a reason. If they will not use them, why issue them? I cannot believe that their training and procedures would be to NOT engage the shooter, or is it? Chief Whitney refuses to say either way.

But there were NOT just those two Oxnard PD cops in the Borderline; there were others. We are now told by Bill Ayub, AKA ‘Mustache Bill” the appointed sheriff (he is NOT the elected sheriff of Ventura County, he was appointed by the Board of Supervisors as Sheriff Dean elected to take an early retirement, to be in charge until an ‘elected sheriff’ is sworn in.  Ayub is not the ‘sheriff elect’ as the ‘election’ of 2018 is under review by the CA Appellate court as the County Clerk refused to place the other fully filed candidate, Bruce Boyer, on the ballot) made mention at an impromptu press conference of Nov 27th,  that there were EIGHT off-duty cops in the Borderline, at the time the shooting started; two of which we are told were Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies.  He does not tell us that they were armed, as they of course would been as off duty cops most always carry their badge and gun. I can not think of one of the MANY cops I know who do not carry off-duty, not a one ( in stating that they were ‘off-duty” and Oxnard PD states they had two “on-duty”, we must conclude that there were a total of TEN cops, two on duty, eight off) So what did these cops do? We are told that ‘none of them fired any rounds” which does not mean that they were not armed. Nothing else was said. Ayub and company refused to take any questions and they were done. Efforts to obtain clarification and answers have been rebuffed.

The clear conclusion is that all ten cops ran. I would hope that we would get information that they did not, but absent that, which we would expect if they acted as heroes, we must conclude that ALL TEN ran! This is pure cowardice. The college kids killed in the Borderline were the ones that could not run fast enough or hide. We are told that many were shot at close range, killed with one shot, executed. I understand from third hand information that as many as three college kids were shot attempting to take out the shooter, bare handed.

Every officer that was there is a witness and there are witness statements and reports. Ten coward cops ran, the college kids were executed. Ventura County Sheriff’s Sgt Helus responded and with ONE CHP officer. Those two heroes entered the Borderline to save lives. They did not hesitate, they stepped in.  Sgt. Helus was killed. Helus was killed because the other ten cops deserted. Two heroes. One is dead. Ten cowards, no accountability. None of the officers who ‘ran’ have been identified. The men and women of law enforcement know who they are, unofficially…. They KNOW who the cowards are. They are ordered to keep their mouths shut, as the ‘official investigation is ‘ongoing’.

The Borderline Bar and Grill (for those who have not been there as I have, many times, is a get-together family-friendly place that serves food, has a bar, pool tables and a large dance floor. The inside public area is about 3,000sq ft. ) has a full video system. The video will show who did what. There is video of the exit doors. This has NOT been made public. Liability, politics, image, insurance, all in play here, little truth, no accountability.

The ‘leadership’ of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept had refused to straight-up tell the public and the families of the victims that there were TEN cops in the Borderline, and that they ran. All but one of the select media who were invited to the press conference ( yours truly has been excluded as to my requests for media access to VCSD in spite of my many efforts for years) missed what was not said.. they missed the ramifications as they likely assumed that the eight deputies/officers were not armed, as they were ‘off-duty’ and ‘no rounds were fired”. Deceit was done, the whole truth was NOT put out, only a distortion, a lie.

The’Leadership” told us about Sgt. Helus who was killed. They want the public to rightly see that Sgt Helus was a hero. He went in to save those people and gave his life. The public recognizes his heroism. The public will NOT look at the other ten cops who ran as heroes, they will be seen correctly as cowards. The public will look at every cop and ask themselves; ‘is that cop a hero like Helus, or a coward, as the other ten are?

The ‘leadership’ of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept knew that they had ten coward cops. There was NO accountability. Instead Mustache Bill Ayub and Co. waited three weeks to tell us a small piece of what they have known and refuse to answer the real, hard or even easy questions. We, the public are to just shut up, applaud on cue and pay the taxes for their salaries. The ‘leadership” of Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept. Oxnard PD and the other “unnamed departments” of the “unidentified officers” are the ones that are covering it up. ALL of them. It is they who are NOT holding the cowards accountable and hiding it from the public. The ‘leadership’ created, facilitates and perpetuates the cowardice. They work hand in hand with the various ‘police/deputy unions’ that make sure the cowards face no consequences. That makes their cowardice actually worse, as they thought as to their actions and chose to do them, not reacted in a panic as did the ten cops that all ran.

We are not seen as their bosses, we are seen as the dumb sheep that they fleece, and then fail to protect from the wolves. The public will understand that the cowards ran and left the college kids to be executed. What will the families of the victims say? What ‘excuses’ will be offered up to ‘explain’ to someone why their son, daughter, was left to be executed? It will NOT be pretty. It will be ugly. Very ugly, and it needs to be. It may bring about accountability, but it will not come from the current ‘leadership”.

If this is not corrected, the cowards will run the next time, and every time. Our officers now know that if you want to be a hero like Sgt. Helus, you can wind up dead. They will give you an impressive funeral. They know that the coward cops will run and face no consequences. They know that they cannot count on their ‘brother officers’ when the shooting starts.

What will America think of it’s cops? America will look at every cop and suspect that they are a coward. There will be no respect for the cops, as they are seen as cowards. “Protect and serve” will be an awful joke. America will know that there is no accountability. The people will demand accountability, will they get it?

America’s law enforcement must also demand that this be corrected, completely, totally. Nothing left undone. The leadership that allowed this and covered it up must be removed. There must be accountability. The leadership of the various departments who have hidden that their officers ran must be fired by their City Councils and the public must elect a sheriff who is NOT a coward. A sheriff who will put out the whole truth, end the cowardice and the hold the cowards accountable. Cowards cannot be allowed to wear our badges. If not, then we will have a culture where if the cops can be cowards, who will be left to have courage?  How could we expect our citizens to be men and women of courage? Will our military not go down the same road? Will our enemies not then see us as a nation of cowards? When they do, they will attack. Cowards will be defeated. As a nation, we will be done.

When I chose to run for Ventura County Sheriff, I did not think for a moment that I would have to reform the Dept to root out cowardice. I have a list of abuses, incompetence and gross mismanagement that the leadership commits. I never thought to question the courage of any deputy or officer. It is far worse than I knew or that we could imagine. None the less, I am up to the task. The people WILL get to have an election for their Ventura County Sheriff. They can choose.     I have had a great deal of criticism thrown at me, much because I am not a “Law Enforcement Officer”, a dues paying labor union guy, one of “them”. Some of the criticism is valid, but none have called me a coward. I may not have much else to offer, but I have courage. Without courage, what else will matter? I offer the people a choice for Sheriff; the cowards or a cowboy.

Bruce Boyer, candidate for Sheriff of Ventura County

(818) 799-0759


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