Press Release: July 1st, 2021

Bruce Boyer formally announces his candidacy for Ventura County Sheriff for the June 2022 election.  Boyer was a fully filed and legally qualified candidate for the 2018 election; an election that did not occur as the County violated the State Constitution, refusing to place Boyer’s name on the ballot (who had paid his non-refundable $2,825 filing fee and submitted more than the required number of nominating signatures) leading to a non-election of the one other candidate. That violation of our right to run for public office is still being litigated in the Federal Court and Boyer’s attorneys are going to make sure well in advance of the 2022 election that Boyer’s name will be on the 2022 ballot.

California politicians, Repubs and Dems, have attempted to legally strip us of our right to run for public office by passing legislation to impose restrictions on who can run for various public offices. There “restrictions” deny over 99% of the citizens their right to run for the elected public office of County Sheriff, Tax Assessor, Treasurer, School Supt. and judge. The law is a direct violation of the State and Federal Constitutions that make it clear the right of the people to hold ‘public offices”.

Our California State Constitution specifically requires the ‘election’ of County sheriffs in Article XI Sec 1 (b). There are no ‘requirements” other than those for all elected offices, to be a registered voter, a US citizen and a legal resident of the State and or County.

The CA Legislature has no authority to impose a ‘ballot requirement law” over what is specified in our CA Constitution. No ‘law’ may change that. The CA Constitution is also quite clear in “Article 1 Section 7(b) A citizen or class of citizens may not be granted privileges or immunities not granted on the same terms to all citizens.”

We are asking that the Court to re-establish that the right of the citizen to vote equals the right to run for the public offices we vote for. This is our 1stA right, our government; one of, by and for the people. We shall win this case for if not our government ‘by the people” will have come to an end.

Bruce Boyer, candidate for Ventura County Sheriff

office# (805) 339-9202